Highlights of Ebola discussion at Seattle Town Hall

KCTS9  |  Updated 2:45 PM, 11.10.2014

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  • UW professor Anne Marie Kimball, left, and Joe DiCarlo of Medical Teams International were among the panelists who discussed Ebola at Town Hall Seattle. (This is a screen grab from KCTS. A clickable link is below.) KCTS9
Ebola specialists discussed the virus' future at a Nov. 4 presentation at Town Hall Seattle. The panelists included three connected to the University of Washington:
  • Dr. Anne Marie Kimball, professor emeritus, epidemiology
  • Dr. John Lynch, medical director of infection control at Harborview Medical Center
  • Karin Huster, UW-trained nurse and graduate student in public health, with Partners in Health

KCTS9 published video snippets of each specialist.

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